Survivors, Advocates, Performers & Scientists Talk Lung Cancer
Host: Hildy Grossman with Jordan Rich, co-host and guest
Guests: Bonnie Addario, cofounder and board chair of GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer; Jacob Sands, MD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; Nian X. Sun, Ph.D., Northeastern University; John Berman, musician, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Our podcast is a tête-à-tête that took place following Upstage Lung Cancer’s April, 2021 concert, “It’s a Small World, Right?” Performers, advocates, lung cancer survivors, scientist, oncologist and a radio personality whose wife lost her life to lung cancer take center stage. They talk about life, facing illness, coping with difficult times and making music. This fascinating conversation illustrates how a zest for life stimulates creativity, innovation and inspiration. Too frequently, conversations about lung cancer are kept in the closet. Hollywood, for example, can change this. Performers could speak out about their own experiences with lung cancer and those of their family to help remove the stigma. This podcast offers the opportunity for survivors, advocates, the medical community and performers to share personal experiences, work and family encounters with lung cancer. The guests highlight how everyone gets sick, no matter where in the world one lives, and the challenge for all of us is to give voice and care for one another.