Facing Curve Balls in Times of Illness
Emcee: Hildy Grossman Co-Host: Jordan Rich

Guests: Ilyse Robbins, Director, Choreographer, Actor, Associate Artistic Director for Greater Boston Stage Company; John King, Deputy Manager–Hudson Theater, NYC, Actor; Leigh Barrett, Actor, Singer, Director

Upstage Lung Cancer is unique in that we are the only lung cancer advocacy organization that uses music and the performing arts to accomplish our mission to create awareness and support early detection of lung cancer research. We are grateful to the professional directors, choreographers, actors and singers who return year after year to help us produce outstanding concerts (check out www.UpstageLungCancer.org/pastperformances )

Each of our guests have brought their unparalleled artistic performances to make ULC productions outstanding and so much fun. This podcast is a conversation among three outstanding individuals whose lives have been impacted by the pandemic while the theater was dark. Ilyse Robbins is an award-winning director and choreographer who helped to elevate all of our productions. She’s also associate artistic director of the Greater Boston Stage Company and talks about closing theater doors this year. John King is also an actor and singer who now is deputy manager of a the Hudson Theater in New York. He also shares how the past year’s curve balls have impacted his life. And Leigh Barrett, celebrated actor and singer, discusses the emotional impact of being shut out of an opportunity to connect with audiences directly.

This podcast is inspiring, poignant and meaningful for the message of hope and resilience when what you love most is lost.