A Journalist Journals His Own Journey: TV reporter, Bill Shields’ Own Lung Cancer Story

Host: Hildy Grossman Co-Host: Jordan Rich
Guest: Bill Shields, Journalist and TV Field Reporter
Bill Shields has had a celebrated career as a Boston area broadcaster for over forty years. Originally from Texas, Bill began his career at a local TV station before moving to Boston for a job at WBZ-TV where he happily spent his career after falling in love with the city. Ten years ago, Bill was diagnosed with Stage 3B small cell lung cancer. He describes how he was successfully treated at the time and lived cancer free until last year when he received a new diagnosis of non-small cell lung cancer. Bill describes his cancer journey, his experience as a reporter and how important humor is to living a full life. Bill’s own words show his grace, humanity and ability to find joy in life, no matter the hardships. You’ll hear why he’s so beloved by all who worked with him and all who watched him on the news.