How a positive attitude and biomarkers can guide your journey
Hosts: Hildy Grossman with Jordan Rich
Guests: Jill Feldman and Ivy Elkins with Dann Wonser, EGFR survivors

Two of our other Podcasts have emphasized how important it is to get your tumor tested for biomarkers. We focused on one specific biomarker, EGFR, with two outstanding guests who were both diagnosed with lung cancer and had this mutation. Jill Feldman and Ivy Elkins, of the EGFR Resisters advocacy group return to share more about the work of their organization to help patients and their families. They bring along another member of the EGFR Resisters community, Dann Wonser. Dann shares his own experience being diagnosed with lung cancer, by accident, in 2006. Being free of disease for five years, in 2011 he was diagnosed with advanced stage lung cancer. Dan’s story is inspirational, and he conveys his perspective of hope and fortitude as he continues to be active in his treatment. One way of coping with difficulties is to take action. Dann, Jill and Ivy are inspirational examples.