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WHAT’S UP DOC? Current and Future Lung Cancer Care

HOST: Hildy Grossman CO-HOST: Jordan Rich
GUESTS: Jacob Sands, MD and Julia Rotow, MD, Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Do you worry about cancer? Do you, or does someone you love, have cancer? Our guests today explore the often-worrisome journey from screening and diagnosis to treatment. This podcast features a thoughtful conversation among oncologists who share various options for diagnosis and treatment for their patients. They address what’s necessary to screen for lung cancer, what are the limits for screening, concerns about the presence of microscopic disease, how surgery and radiation can be curative, when drug treatment can be used along with surgery to improve outcomes, what pharmaceutical treatments are available, when to escalate treatment, or not and more. This valuable and hopeful conversation addresses current cancer care, as well as possibilities in future care, including the development of new technologies. You’ll want to listen and share this information with someone you know who is facing and managing cancer.