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HER2 BIOMARKER ISN’T JUST ABOUT HER Not Just a Breast biomarker!

HOST: Hildy Grossman, Co-Host: Jordan Rich
GUESTS: Pasi Janne, MD, Ph.D., Director, Lowe Center for Thoracic Oncology, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and the Scientific Director of the Belfer Center for Applied Cancer Research
Gabrielle Goodman, HER2 patient
Bill Brand, HER2 patient
Caren Suesserman, Exon 20 Group Virtual Meeting Leader and Patient Advocate

Most people are familiar with HER2 presence in breast cancer. In this podcast we discuss the rare but significant presence of HER2 in lung cancer. We’re honored to have one of the original investigators in the discovery of the EGFR mutation. Dr. Pasi Janne has also led the development of strategies for treating patients with HER2 and other biomarkers. He discusses the importance of finding HER2 in lung cancer and how this knowledge impacts treatment choices.
Bill Brand and Gabrielle Goodman share their own, unique stories and of learning of their HER2 biomarker helps direct their treatment. They also agree that having found the organization, EXON20 has helped them gain support and not feel alone. Finally, Caren Susserman describes how she leads weekly Zoom meetings for the EXON20 group for those with HER2. The broad range of services help to ease living with this rare disease.