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Have You Heard Of Biomarker Testing? If So, How To Get It When You Need It

HOST: Hildy Grossman, Co-Host: Jordan Rich
GUESTS: Anthony Sireci, MD, and Hilary Hammell, MD

In this podcast, we ask the question, “Along with an accurate cancer diagnosis, why is comprehensive biomarker testing so important? Our guest, Dr. Anthony Sireci, vice president of clinical biomarker and diagnostics development at Loxo@Lilly, has devoted his career to biomarker testing and development. He shares his interest in precision medicine and talks about what inspired him to get involved in this field. He helps us understand why comprehensive biomarker testing is so important when considering treatment options for cancers, including non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Our other guest, Hilary Hammell, is a physician herself, and has been diagnosed with advanced stage lung cancer. She shares her own experience about learning she has the RET positive biomarker. She adds that knowing her own biomarker guided her to a treatment that helped to “save her life.” This episode is important for understanding how precision medicine works, how it’s different from other current treatments, and how patients and their families can address comprehensive biomarker testing with their physician. With this fascinating and informative conversation, the question remains how to increase patient’s access to biomarker testing.