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She Refuses To Be Knocked Down! One woman’s strategy for thriving with lung cancer

Hosts: Hildy Grossman with Jordan Rich co-host
Guests: Heather Smith

Heather Smith was only 34 when she was diagnosed, simply by accident, with
lung cancer. It had already spread to other areas of her body. After experiencing
this frightening curve ball, she was grateful that biomarker testing revealed that
she was ALK+. Knowing this genetic mutation, she could be treated with targeted
therapies that specifically aim at this genetic mutation. Heather discusses her
diagnosis, the course the disease has taken and the challenges she continues
to face.
Once her disease progressed, she developed seizures, and after one of
the seizures, she fell onto her concrete patio and was hospitalized. While
hospitalized, she resolved to not be taken down by her circumstances. “I didn’t
want to merely survive my cancer diagnosis. No! I wanted to thrive with cancer.”
Heather got up from being knocked down by her lung cancer diagnosis,
more determined than ever. She became a life coach. She creatively
decided to share what she’s learned, to help other lung cancer
patients face adversities. Heather is empowered by knowing: “I’m living my best life as a kick a** cancer thriver!” Her message is powerful for all of us.
Do not to take threats lying down!

Creativity at the Heart of Research and Music

Co-Hosts: Hildy Grossman and Jordan Rich

Good friends, Hildy Grossman and Jordan Rich put their heads together to talk about the importance of creativity when initiating innovative new research. They compare this experience in the lab to one of a songwriter and composer looking at a blank sheet of paper to come up with a new song. Upstage Lung Cancer has always taken pride in being innovative and outside of the box where lung cancer advocacy is concerned. Song requires a healthy use of lungs, and ULC produces concerts to share the joy and vitality of music while bringing information to the audience about lung cancer. This is a bit like Mary Poppins’ concept of “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”. Thus, the dynamic duo delightfully discuss ULC’s musical programs as well as the innovative research and scientists our organization support.