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Biomarkers Benefit Lung Cancer Resisters

Jill Feldman and Ivy Elkins
Hosts: Hildy Grossman with Jordan Rich
Guests: Jill Feldman and Ivy Elkins
Two outstanding and determined women share how their lung cancer diagnosis, along with the ability to detect a particular biomarker, EGFR, has had a significant effect on the course of their lives. Biomarkers indicate alterations in your DNA that may drive a tumor. Using biomarker testing, it’s possible to refine diagnostic information to help select treatments to target directly that alteration. Both Jill Feldman and Ivy Elkins have channeled their experience as lung cancer survivors and advocates, to create a patient-centered organization, EGFR Resisters. This organization supports and notifies the EGFR-positive, lung cancer community about the latest information in diagnosis, research and treatment. They encourage us to persevere, and to support continued research to make lung cancer a manageable, chronic disease.