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Clinical Trials and Tribulations

Conversation with Survivors/Advocates, Physician and Researchers. Clinical trials are research studies aimed at evaluating a medical, surgical, or behavioral interventions. They are the primary way researchers find out if a new treatment, such as a new drug, is safe, effective and works best in certain groups of people. Our outstanding guests discuss the information and misinformation about clinical trials. Two courageous and inspiring women, Diane Legg and Linnea Olson, share their lung cancer journeys with Stage 4 lung cancer. They describe how clinical trials have extended and enhanced their lives, and while not always easy, has given them hope. Massachusetts General Hospital oncologist, Lecia Sequist, MD discusses what criteria she uses to recommend a patient enter a clinical trial while Dr. Basu Roy answers Forbes Magazine’s question, “Why do only 8% of cancer patients in the US participate in clinical trials?”

Clinical Trials are crucial. They offer another option to the menu of standard treatments. Barriers to participation can be reduced by increasing the availability of information, easing access and making trials financially neutral.