Monthly Archives: February 2021

Big Pharma – Friend or Foe?

On today’s episode of “Backstage@Upstage,” Hildy talks about the impact of big pharma on lung cancer treatment and health care in general, and the misconceptions that many have about the industry. Joining her are Cheryl Davis, founder of Red Thread Solutions, helping patients better navigate their way through the medical system, caregiver Christie Leonard, mother of five, who relates a moving, personal story of patient advocacy for her late husband, and former pharmaceutical company executive Gary Geipel. All of her insightful perspectives listeners will want to hear. To learn more, visit

Fighting the Stigma

Hildy welcomes former NFL star and longtime Upstage Lung Cancer supporter Chris Draft to the podcast. The Chris Draft Family Foundation, empowering families to lead healthy lifestyles, is inspired by Chris’s late wife Keasha who creatively faced lung cancer, showing us all that with every breath we need to hold onto life. Hildy and Chris discuss the stigmas associated with lung cancer, prevention, the attention to smoking and more. To learn more, visit

Finding Joy!

Upstage Lung Cancer uses the performing arts to raise awareness and funding for lung cancer research. In this premier “Backstage@Upstage” podcast episode, host Hildy Grossman welcomes three friends from the world of media and entertainment who have teamed up with her to help raise much needed money for cancer research. Nationally renowned film and theatre critic Joyce Kulhawik, vocalist and award-winning podcaster Candy O’Terry and Boston radio personality Jordan Rich join Hildy, sharing inspiring stories about cultivating joy! To learn more, visit